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Interview  02 Decembre 2019

" HrO – real HR business process outsourcing"

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Gérard Sinnes


VISTIM, new expert at the fair, tells us more about HR trends.


As an expert in HR outsourcing, what do you think are the trends in this area?

The right HR strategy has huge potential for improving sustainably business performance – engaged people deliver so much more value to the company! The challenge for Luxembourg’s SME is that they lack scale to roll out such a strategy. That’s why we combine expertise and technology in our outsourcing offer: HrO. Through mutualising those resources, we make deploying HR strategy and digitalisation accessible to SME. Real HR business process outsourcing will become the norm over the coming decade.


What is the added value of HrO for any company and its employees?

The bottom line benefit for the company is clearly increased productivity and performance. This is achieved through true best practice HR management, boosting the engagement of our client’s employees. We employ the best talent to do so. The employees benefit from a working experience characterised by flexibility, transparency and fairness, allowing them to develop themselves and self-realise. Finally, both employer and employee enjoy continuity of service and compliance.


As an external player, what added-value a company such as yours, specialised in HR outsourcing, could bring to HR professionals?

We give them time back! Through outsourcing their HR operations, HR managers free up the time they are so badly lacking to focus on true value-added activities, enriching their own jobs. In addition, they have access to the high-level expertise of our people on topics they are less familiar with. I am looking forward to many interesting conversations with them at the fair, exploring how HrO could make their life easier and richer!