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Interview  14 January 2021

" Coaching, an ethical asset for Human Resources "

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Valérie Ogier


The SFAPEC, "Syndicat Français des Acteurs Professionnels du Coaching", shares with us its view on the topic.


As an expert in Coaching, what do you think are the trends in this area?


We noticed two main changes :

1. At the begininning dedicated to Top Management, coaching has indeed been poularized. As such, it is more and more used by Human Resources regardless of the level of managers in terms of responsibilities. 

2. Often used as a curative measure, in crisis situation, coaching is now considered in a preventive way, for instance when taking up a new position or at the arrival of a new team memeber.


As an external actor, what added-value could you bring to te HR professionals?


The ambition of our Federation is to provide a clear view on the coaching practice to prevent any kind of trickeries and sales abuse taht affect both the beneficiary and Human Resources professionals as a "purchaser". 


On the basis of your expertise, have you identified andy areas of vigilance on which to alert HR professionals?


Take the time to choose the right coach by checking both his/her training (diploma / qualification) and his/her ethics including morals, ethics and deontology as a minimum.