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Interview  02 January 2020

" Securex, your HR Business Partner​. "

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Anne-Laure PARISOT

HR Consulting Manager

Securex is specialised in payroll management and human resources administration.


Could you tell us a bit more about the activities of your company?

Securex is specialised in payroll management and human resources administration. Around a well-established team of payroll consultants, our legal experts solve our clients’ questions in social law, complex and international payroll situations, and give various HR and legal training sessions through our Approved Training Center. Our OutsouHRcing team takes care of our clients’ HR function and accompanies them over the long run. Our Fleet experts manage and optimise their car fleet.


Why should HR LUX Trade Fair visitors meet you at your booth?

Nothing like face-to-face discussions to come up with ideas and solutions! By meeting us at « HR LUX Trade Fair », it will be the opportunity for the decision-makers and people in charge of HR to share their challenges with us, and for us to share our expertise and knowledge of the market good practises, to move forward their thoughts!


What is the added value of your company for any company and its employees?​

Securex brings you the peace of mind! Our teams of experts manage your payroll, your human resources and your company car fleet; we can provide you with an HR Information System; you receive the required reports to build your kpi’s: all of this in accordance with the legal rules. Meanwhile, your staff and yourself can concentrate on the growth of your business! “Making work smarter is making life better”.