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Interview  04 January 2021

Rethink our bond to Work "

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Vinciane Istace

Partner in charge of People and Organisation & Diversity and inclusion

PwC accompanies HR professionals thanks to its expertise.


As an expert in Health and Securiity at Work, what is your vision about the HR environment and its future? 

We observe that the resilience of individuals is now at the heart of concerns.
There is an increasingly urgent need to rethink the social bond in depth because new ways of working, the terrible duo of teleworking and digitalization are putting it to the test. The organization must be able, depending on the contingencies, to align performance and well-being over the long term. How can HR support the organization, its leaders and its employees in this process?

Why should HR LUX Trade Fair visitors meet you at your booth? 

We offer a cross-functional HR experience including payroll, regulatory compliance, compensation policies, acquisition, mobility and talent development as well as the health of the working environment. Our holistic approach takes into account the organization, the systems and the people, the level of maturity of your company to adapt the solutions to your needs.
We look forward to discussing our programs on mental health and the culture of inclusion.


On the basis of your expertise, have you identified any areas of vigilance on which to alert HR professionals? 

We identify a trend towards changes of practices and of the regulatory framework on topics such as mental health at work or diversity & inclusion policies. The market expects more transparency on HR and compensation practices in order to demonstrate their compliance and fairness.
Finally, we want to underline the importance to bring vigilance on the development and retention of talents in a remote working environment.