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Interview  17 Decembre 2019

" Identification of opportunities for improvement and legal compliance development. "

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Etienne Piot

Business Manager

Protime is specialized in time and workforce management and let us know how they work.


As an expert in HR Admin, what do you think are the trends in this area?

Employee mobility is the current HR concern. This is because of the combination of the current environmental climate and the congestion on the roads leading to Luxembourg. Because of its impact on productivity, absenteeism or simply costs for the company, it is important to take this factor into account in the company's HR strategy. More than a question of distance, place of work or means of transport, mobility can be managed with more flexibility.


Could you tell us a bit more about the activities of your company?

Protime is specialized in time and workforce management. We develop our own software solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each company. Our scope of action extends from time recording to personal goals monitoring, access control and personnel planning. We support companies that want to optimize their HR processes or want to offer more flexibility while maintaining control.


What is the added value of (your company/product) for any company and its employees?

Through its personalized approach, Protime offers solutions that adapt to each specific situation. We maintain a long-term relationship with our customers that allows us to evolve with them: through regular monitoring we are able to identify any opportunities for improvement and legal compliance development. Our cloud-based model (SaaS) ensures a high level of agility and responsiveness.