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Interview  06 December 2019

" The new performance culture rubs off on people and causes demotivation and burnout. "

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Didier Longueville

Founder & Associate

Progress Consulting gives an inside vision on companies' cultures.


As an external actor, what added-value a company such as yours, specialised in (your topic), could you bring to HR professionals?

We can provide an external perspective validated by 25 years of experience and a global vision of the market in all sectors. From Morocco, to France and Martinique, we meet organizations with different cultures, which allows us to enrich our knowledge and thus offer quality interventions that differentiate us.

We provide a methodology, a structured approach. It is useful for shareholders and management committees because it takes into account their objectives while creating a more positive and pleasant culture that will reassure stakeholders on the ground. For the latter to tend towards the expected change, an adapted culture is necessary for transformation to be synonymous with success.


Based on your expertise, have you identified problem areas on which HR professionals should be alerted?

We are seeing that more and more companies are looking for a short-term results orientation and are therefore generating cost reduction demands, performance measures and other measures. This new performance culture rubs off on people and causes demotivation, burnout and other alarming signs. A large number of people can no longer find their way around and the drop in motivation is the first visible consequence.

All this leads to a statement: people expect a different type of corporate culture, where the result is certainly an objective but where a more modern culture prevails. We are talking about well-being, innovation and a sense of what we do. Company managers, HR, must be attentive to this because if the issue is not addressed, major consequences within the same organization can arise: departure, socio-professional diseases,...


We would like to hear more about your experience and what led you to this expertise:

Régis and I, together, synthesize the vision of this sector well, considering that we created Progress Consulting 25 years ago and are now supported by 35 full-time employees. The secret? Combine the result with respect for everyone's well-being. Moreover, the multitude of lived experiences since the creation (7000 days of intervention for both), seem to give credit to our reflection. To this, we add the fact that in addition to being consultants, trainers and coaches, we have very different private profiles. Régis has an academic profile: he is also a lecturer at the Ulg. For my part, I have a sporting dimension since I am a level 1 sports coach.