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Interview   11 November 2019

" Timesharing HRD, a great opportunity for companies. "

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Lauriane Marlier


RH Lab. focuses on 3 core values.


Who are your services deliveries for and how do they work in practice?

RH Lab. has focused its activities on three core values: engagement, development and retention: Engage - Grow - Retain

Engage: We put all our skills and know-how in recruitment for companies, regardless of their size or business sector. We deploy all the necessary means to connect the highest-quality candidates with employers in multisectoral companies.

Grow: Our efforts to increase our customers’ profitability are complemented by the implementation of trainings. Through our themes, we support HR departments to increase their added value, and individuals to understand and optimize their results.

Retain: We offer small and medium-sized businesses wishing to increase their productivity, a timesharing HRD responsible for diagnosing and implementing a personalized HR structure. Human capital is thereby perpetuated.


Could you tell us a bit more about your business structure and activities?

We conduct an extremely elaborated recruitment process which specifically targets our clients’ needs on the lookout for talents. This process covers all the stages ranging from the analysis visit carried out in order to ajust the profile sought, to the presentation of the two or three ideal candidates. Companies using our services are guaranteed to have reliable and qualified staff.

The trainings provided by our team of experts promotes the individual’s development and fullfillment in his daily work. 

The individual and company’s productivity is enhanced by an ever more remarkable social cohesion. To achieve these results, we offer numerous training courses organized around four main themes :

  • Human Resources
  • Wellbeing
  • Personal development
  • Health prevention

Timesharing HRD activity is booming.

Enabling client companies to count on an individual with a plurality of experiences in the field. HRD on a timeshare basis is truly invested in the concerned company, and offers local service. Among other things, the HRD can take charge of all the social aspects linked to the world of entrepreneurship and implement a specific action plan.


As an external actor specialized in Human Resources’solutions, what added value can you bring to professional Human Resources?

Our timeshare HRD service is a remarkable opportunity for growing businesses:

The timeshare HRD has the best existing HR solutions thanks to his experience and to his continuous knowledge renewal.  It allows every developing company to be provided with an adapted HR structure without having  the obligation to protect itself from a complete HR service. The HR’ expertise allows him to provide the most pragmatic HR technical trainings and to figure out the most relevant development tools. RH Lab. offers its’ purchasers both, a financial and a social added value, focused on the 3 targeted fundamental values.