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Interview  02 Septembre 2019

"Finding ‘its place’, whether in the personal or professional field, is often an obstacle to a healthy development​."

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Florbela Silveira


The Nxt Stp is a new expert at this 2nd edition. We've had the pleasure to discuss with Mrs Florbela Silveira, Manager, who gives us some further insights...


As an expert in Healthy Development, what do you think are the trends in this area?


For decades, our society has mainly focused on the professional aspect, leaving aside the main key, the human being. I would not characterize this as a trend, rather as awareness. My clients are increasingly looking to better understand themselves, change the behaviors that might be a barrier to achieve certain goals, whether it is personal or professional, and thus improving their quality of life. Well-being has become an added value in all aspects of the everyday life.


Could you telll us a bit more about your company?


The Nxt Stp offers mainly workshops, in various languages, based on the principle of coaching. The main objective is to allow people to question themselves about the behaviors daily adopted in the different aspects of life. Most themes will be considered by myself, and some in collaboration with other professionals. I also offer individual and group coaching sessions for people with concrete goals.



We would like to hear more about your experience and what led you to this expertise:


Working in the financial sector for more than ten years, I know what it means to be an employee as well a manager. I have noticed that personal situations frequently affect work and vice versa. Finding ‘its place’, whether in the personal or professional field, is often an obstacle to a healthy development. This is exactly what motivated me to create my company, to support clients facing common challenges, while respecting their right to react differently and highlight their potential.