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Interview  09 September 2019

" It is well known that about 20% of expatriations fail... "

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Karla Regina Jacinto


World of Expat Coaching comes back for this second edition. We have asked her founder, the added value of coaching for expatriates.


As a Coach Expert for Expatriates, what do you think are the trends in this area?

Worldwide, and mainly here in Luxembourg, the international mobility of employees is already a reality that is increasing every day. The trend I observe is that the expatriate professional is looking for more than just a good financial opportunity. They also want to find a job that is aligned with his/ her values and vision of life. So if the expatriate is moving as a family, a support for the spouse is highly demanded, and the professional wants to know that the company is also aware of the impact that the expatriation will have. The requirements during negotiations to accept an international assignment also cover aspects of support for the spouse’s career and the adaptation to the new country.


Why should HR LUX Trade Fair visitors meet you at your booth?

The expatriation of employees, or hiring in the international market, supposes a significant financial investment for most companies.

It is well known that about 20% of expatriations fail... Why risk losing all of this investment? And what about the cost of opportunity of having to replace the professional? Just as companies have insurance to protect our assets against potential losses, why not invest in improving the success of the expatriations?

By visiting our stand, HR professionals will have the opportunity to discover a comprehensive and specialized Coaching Program where professionals and their families will develop the necessary skills to face the challenges of expatriation and succeed in the most diverse environments.


What is the added value of Coaching for Expatriates?

By offering a Coaching program to its expatriates and their families, the company improves the return on investment of this investment.

Thanks to our services, the company benefits of a prepared, focused and productive expatriate, who will feel more comfortable and productive in their mission within the company.

And the family will feel supported, safe and secure and will participate in this adventure, developing skills that will help them to face all the difficulties that an expatriation may present, with optimism and energy.