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Interview  29 Novtember 2019

"The digital economy is transforming the future of work​. "






Tarek Bougroug

Corporate Director "Cloud, Innovation & Products"

The new digital economy brings its benefits. We must get ready.


As an expert in HRIS, what are the trends in this area?

HR and HRIS trends are evolving to support the digital evolution of businesses, which has become a reality. Companies that refuse to undertake major transformation projects are those that will suffer in this new digital economy.

The main trends in this area are:

  • More agile and flexible organizations
  • The impact of Big Data on HR
  • Connected Recruitment
  • The employee's experience
  • The importance of soft skills
  • Integration of the Z generation
  • Agility pushed by HR
  • The battle of applications


Could you tell us a bit more about the activities of your organization?

SOA People is a SAP Platinum Partner. As SAP Solution Experts in SIRH SuccessFactors, we offer our complete "Ready to use" solution, which is flexible and adapted to the size of each company for a simple and effective approach. We are able to offer our customers a turnkey solution in a few weeks, compatible with the current trend of consumption, while respecting their governance.


As an HR solutions expert, what is your vision of the HR environment and its evolution?

The digital economy is transforming the world of work. Only agile companies are able to renew themselves to anticipate and support their organizations, to transform these constraints into real opportunities and remain competitive and efficient. The success of these new forms of organization depends on the experience of the employees, looking for more than a simple job. Today's employees want a real experience in a world where the war of talent is a reality.