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Interview  30 November 2020

" We work on a daily basis with the HR departments of SMEs, but also with international groups"

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Lawyer, Partner, Employment


Employers & Covid-19: Teleworking and Other Recent Trends is tthe topic Luther will tackle this year.


As an expert in Labour Law, what do you think are the trends in this area??


Labour law has been strongly impacted by the Covid-19 crisis in recent months. Both employers and employees are confronted with new and constantly evolving issues. For example, the organisation of working services by using teleworking, a topic we will be addressing at our conference, but also employee absences due to illness, leave for family reasons or even provisions relating to short-time working are all, often complex, subjects that are currently being faced. The trend in recent months has thus been towards more flexible working arrangements with a view to safeguarding employment.


Who are your services intended for and how does this work in practice??


Luther represents the interests of employers. We work on a daily basis with the HR departments of SMEs, but also with international groups based in Luxembourg, on various and often complex issues (working time, group restructuring, international employee mobility, etc.). Each company has its own identity and corporate culture, so we try to find pragmatic and tailor-made solutions. Each HR issue is unique and must be treated as such.


Could you tell us a bit more about the activities of your company??


Luther is a business law firm that advises international as well as local companies on a wide range of issues. Luther's main focus is on corporate law, but in recent years Luther has also developed a strong position in labour law, litigation, data protection, banking and finance, investment funds, and real estate and can therefore offer comprehensive and tailor made advice to each of its clients.