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Interview  27 September 2019

" The employer must be familiar with the legal framework related to illness."

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Lawyer, Partner, Employment

Luther will, this year, tackle a topic related to employee's illness and the cost for employers.


Who are your services intended for and how does this work in practice?​


Luther represents the interests of employers. We work on a daily basis with the HR departments of SMEs, but also with international groups based in Luxembourg, on various and often complex issues (working time, group restructuring, international employee mobility, etc.). Each company has its own identity and corporate culture, so we try to find pragmatic and tailor-made solutions. Each HR issue is unique and must be treated as such.


On the basis of your expertise, have you identified any areas of vigilance on which to alert HR professionals?​


Currently, the organisation of working time is an issue that arises quite often as employees would like to reach a certain balance between their professional and private lives. Thus, concepts such as the working time account or working time flexibility have recently been re-worked on to meet employee demands. However, all these modifications involve a certain cost for employers, complexity, and even legal uncertainty. For example, a work organisation plan is a very good tool for flexibility, but it is still expensive and complex to set up.


Who is your conference for? What content will be discussed?​


The conference will focus on the employee's illness, which is a recurrent problem within companies.

The illness occurs unexpectedly and can, depending on its duration and the needs of the company, generate a certain amount of disorganization.

The employer must therefore be familiar with the legal framework related to illness in order to anticipate and understand this period as well as possible: What are the circumstances related to the protection of employees? Under what circumstances should monitoring visits be considered? Can the employee be dismissed for repeated absences?