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Interview  22 October 2019

" HR Partner: solutions for management and development of Talents"

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Natacha Beicht


HR Partner is coming back to address its 3 strands which make companies strong.


Who are your services intended for and how does this work in practice?

Our service’ offer is mainly aimed at companies wishing to benefit from professional support in the management and development of their employees, while highlighting the sources of motivation at work. We also address our services to individual who are looking for professional development. In practice, we start with a first appointment (free of charges) to understand the needs. On the basis of the information gathered, we formulate an offer taking into account the context and the scope of the mission, the different stages of implementation, workload, timing and our fees. We, then, interact directly with the teams in place. 


Could you tell us a bit more about the activities of your company?

Our services cover 3 parts:

1) Recruitment and selection of motivated and motivational profiles;

2) The development of employee skills through our tailor-made training and professional coaching services (individual and team);

3) The implementation of management and talent retention solution: evaluation system and motivation tools, benefits & compensation process, definition of career paths, quality of life at work, culture of feedback and accountability. 


How does your company stand out from the competition​?

Our clients tell us that we have the ability to capture needs, reformulate them and offer customized solutions that meet expectations. Our strength is to put people in motion, we maintain the rhythm to move forward in projects while flexibility and agility. HR Partner is also only one interlocutor, the founder, and therefore a quality HR approach with more than 20 years of experience in various sectors in Luxembourg. We work in French and English and you would be surprised by our level of Luxembourgish!