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Interview  29 Novembre 2019

" Making the offboarding of the future retirees a success. "

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Laurent DENOEL


H & P reports about the various existing anticipated possibilites as regards massive retirement of employees over the age of 50.


Who is your conference aimed at? What content will be discussed?

Our conference is primarily aimed at HR Managers, Training Managers and all Managers who wish to be supported in their retirement management program for employees, commonly known as "Baby Boomers". The conference will also appeal to future retirees who wish to prepare themselves for this life-changing journey, to organize and continue their work whilst remaining motivated, sharing their knowledge and finding the balance between "I am still useful" and "I am preparing my new life".


What is the added value of your training "Making the offboarding of your future retirees a success” for any company and its employees?

The added value of our training is to raise awareness so that companies and organizations take a look at one of nowadays’ key challenge that is how to manage the massive retirement of employees over the age of 50 ( i.e. in 2018, 19% of the workforce in Luxembourg) and to assist them during this end-of-career’s transition. In this way, our training will enable them to “successfully offboard their future retirees” through a process of knowledge transfer, the development of a corporate culture based on common values ​​and a CSR positioning.


How does your company stand out from the competition?

H & P Training, Coaching & Consulting differentiates itself from competitors by:

  • Its diversified fields of activities: communication, management, sales and personal development.
  • Its outstanding references in various business sectors: Banks / Insurance, Industry, Health / Services and Public Administration
  • Its integrated interventions designed specifically to match the organisations’ strategy  and values.
  • Its small size structure, flexible and adaptable to large projects = tailor-made
  • Its experienced trainer-coaches
  • Its panel of trainings delivered in French, Luxembourgish, German and English