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Interview  10 November 2020

" Our approach is a game where we find the pleasure of developing our human skills. "

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Philippe Docquier

Managing Director

 Go Score & new innovative concept. 


What prompted you to create this concept of training-coaching?  

At the age of 20 I had two dreams: to be independent in the field of sports ...

Go-Score was born out of a sentence: "You hear me, but you don't listen to me." I learned to juggle with numbers and to accompany leaders. Then, a second click comes from a customer: "Your energy boosts me every time". The energy of sport! I started my second dream and became a physical trainer. The DIGI-Solutions project combines the support of people and the setting in motion.


A personal project that you carry out alone but to answer what need? 

Not alone. My brother, a sports enthusiast, joins the adventure: he brings a commercial strength to our concept. The convergence of forces within the teams is the goal of our SoftSkills workshops. The "Team Players" must know each other and go and get each other's assets. The simple and fast modules allow you  to plan your progress, like a training plan to prepare for a marathon: this avoids the forgetfulness that happens after a "classic" training.


When are you satisfied with what you bring to your customers? 

A client who questions his behaviour and dares to activate his own strengths for the benefit of his team and his company will get results. The real results come through personal satisfaction. Our approach is a game where we find the pleasure of developing our human skills.