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Interview  21 November 2019

" With eSST monitoring, HR facilitates themselves occupational safety and health. "

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Peter Czibula

Managing Partner

eSST is confronted every day with non-compliant OHS files and has developed solutions for HR people.


What kind of companies can use your services and how does it work in practice?

Our ambition is to facilitate the implementation of an Occupational Safety and Health policy within your company or administration.

Each business and each work environment has consequences on the Safety and Health of employees or agents. We work alongside the HR department and Safety Officers and other internal actors to define and implement the appropriate tools for effective day-to-day management.


How does your company stand out from the competition?

To facilitate Occupational Safety and Health, we are developing around 3 areas: consulting (diagnosis, compliance, governance), training and our 100% Luxembourg management software (eSST monitoring).

As a local integrator, we have also developed a product that allows you to outsource your SST, SimplySST.


We would like to hear more about your experience and what led you to this expertise:

As an economist by training, I took over a craft company in 2010 witch about thirty employees. During the OHS compliance process, I found that the training of the designated worker was very theoretical. Moreover, for the operational implementation of my OHS file, I was accompanied by my current partner, Eric Scholer.

Based on our experience, we created eSST Sarl to provide other companies with our expertise and our 100% Luxembourgish software.

In the field, we are confronted every day with non-compliant OHS files and overworked designated workers. To meet their needs, we have just developed our all-in outsourcing service, SimplySST.