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Interview  04 November 2019

" We take care of You because we care for You."

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Cora Maglo


CERNO invites you to becoming more familiar with international mobility and the types of work permits, the residence rights of EU citizens...


Could you tell us a bit more about the activities of your company?​


CERNO is a human-sized law firm. Our passion lies in being close to our clients to better understand their legal issues, advise and defend them.

Cora Maglo, the founder, is primarily active in the areas of corporate/commercial and social law.

The law firm has also developed a strong activity in both immigration and family law.

As a result, we benefit from a cross-cutting view of the files that benefit our clients on international mobility issues.


Who is your conference for? What content will be discussed?​


Our conference will focus on recruitment issues in the Grand Duchy in the context of international mobility. In this context, we will address both employers and employees.

From the point of view of Human Resources, we will discuss the types of work permits, the residence rights of EU citizens, third-country nationals and beneficiaries of international protection. When it comes to employees, we will touch on the living and working conditions of family members, social protection and taxation.


We would like to hear more about your experience and what led you to this expertise


I was born, grew up and studied in three different countries. I chose to move to Luxembourg in 2008 to start my legal career. Those different cultural experiences have not only enriched me, but also helped me grow into the lawyer that I am today.

My professional experiences in business law firms helped me develop and maintain skills such as rigor, precision and untiring thoroughness. However, my independence as well as the great value I place in  the human beings were always been at the heart of my concerns.

This is how the firm CERNO was born, of my desire to provide quality-drive, tailor-made services for my clients. They are valuable as clients, not just as files.