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Interview  28 November 2019

" Bodet, your partner in time & attendance and access control​. "

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Anne Van de Put

Marketing Officer

Bodet reveals how you can involve your co-workers in HR management.


Could you tell us a bit more about the activities of your company?

Bodet is a key player in time and attendance management and access control. Bodet Belgium is part of the Bodet Group in the sector of Bodet Software. Bodet is known for his qualified products and services. Bodet has a solution of software and hardware for time management and access control for every company, no matter which sector or size of the company.


The range of products in time management is known as Kelio. Kelio is a complete solution of software and hardware’s for the management of your staff including activity management, absence, working time, holidays, etc. Kelio is also a direct link with your social secretariat. In hardware, has Kelio the right clocking system: biometric clocking, terminal, time box, mobile solution, etc. Kelio has several components adjustable to your company: Kelio Mobile, Kelio Planning, Kelio Visitor, Kelio Paylink, Kelio Data, etc. The Kelio solutions are accessible on a server or in SaaS/Cloud. Kelio is also a solution for the security of your buildings. The software’s and hardware’s for access control is ideal for inside and outside of your company. Each visitor receives the right welcome thanks to Kelio.


What is the added value of (your company/product) for any company and its employees?

With Kelio, you can manage your staff, involve your employees in the HR management, secure your buildings, parking’s, offices, etc. The RH service had every asset to manage easier and quicker his staff, plan his services, make a link to his social secretariat, etc. The Kelio solution is a complete solution that is adjustable for every company, no matter which sector or size your company is.


As an external actor, what added-value a company such as yours, specialised in (your topic), could you bring to HR professionals?

Human Resources need to follow the actual trends: flexibility, mobility, offbeat work,… Bodet offers to your HR service the right solution for time management. The HR service is so much more than just a salary business or a check for the holidays. Thanks to Kelio, you can involve your co-workers in the HR management, simplify the attendance and absences and if needed adjust the planning’s, professionalise your fire exercises, make a direct link with the social secretariat so that you don’t need to manually retransmit the attendance, etc. Your staff can visualise their personal space, insert absence demands (with motive), verify their working planning, insert cost centres to a project, clock in and out on several devices. The HR or the manager can manage the absence demands, create announcements (for ex. end of a leasing, medical visit, follow up of trainings, etc.), verify clocking’s and the presence counts, prepare planning’s, etc.