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Interview  17 Decembre 2019

HR solutions tailored to your needs"







Céline Campi-Blain

Company Director

EiviLux respects the ethics of your company  in a changing HR environment.


Could you tell us a bit more about the activities of your company?


From HR consulting, interim management, training, coaching and team building, EiviLux draws on 20 years of industry experience to offer a fresh take on your business’ HR strategy.

EiviLux can objectively offer new suggestions for recruitment and team structure that you might not notice internally. “The face of HR is changing: it is more personalised than ever. That’s why respecting the ethics of your company is our utmost priority.”

EiviLux listens carefully to your needs, and from there, employs special skills to achieve specific goals. Eivilux can therefore adapt to the HR requirements across various industries, creating personalised packages for each client that save both time and money.

Dynamic team building and coaching

Eivilux operates locally in Luxembourg, but also offers team building packages in the sun-soaked destinations of Montpellier and Ibiza. To strengthen relations between employees, Eivilux offers interactive workshops, alongside wellness and sport activities to enjoy as a team such as yoga, kayaking, hiking and so on.


What is the added value of EiviLux for any company and its employees?


Seamless transitions made easy

In an unexpected crisis, Eivilux can assess the immediate needs of a business. This might involve employing a qualified HR professional to temporarily take over and achieve a set goal.

In today’s climate, businesses must be reactive to change. In the case of a sudden absence, our services guarantee that there are no interruptions - we can also help to recruit for the next role.

Their transition service can be adapted to any business - no matter the size or structure. Their tailored approach allows for flexibility and can be operational from day one for however long you need.



We would like to hear more about your experience and what led EiviLux to this expertise:


Céline Campi-Blain worked for high-profile clients such as ‘Big Four’ accounting firms in the Luxembourg area, and offers versatile solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Since 2011, Céline has been certified as a coach to develop a team’s potential, and on top of that offers two custom training courses: one for human resource professionals, and one for individuals in leadership roles. “The former helps with the practical elements of working in HR, and the latter with tthe fundamentals of motivating and managing a team.”

Founded in 2017, founder and HR expert Céline Campi-Blain realised more businesses wanted experts to manage their human resources.

Eivilux is also founder of the only HR exhibition dedicated to HR professionals in Luxembourg, the HR LUX Trade Fair which returns annually at the ECCL.