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Interview  16/01/2020

Expert in People Solutions. "

PwC accompanies their Clients in ...    

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Interview  06/01/2020

We accelerate transformations and help leaders, managers and co-workers to develop meta-skills. "

Coherence is all about relations and human ...    

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Interview  02/01/2020

Securex, your HR Business Partner. "

Securex is specialised in payroll management and ...          

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Interview  20/12/2019

National, cross-border and international regulations are constantly evolving. "

SD Worx covers payroll and personnel ....     

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Interview  17/12/2019

Identification of opportunities for improvement and legal compliance development. "

Protime is specialized in time and workforce management and ....     

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Interview  17/12/2019

Tailored HR Solutions. "

EiviLux respects the ethics of your company  in a ....     

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Interview  16/12/2019

Flexso for People believes in employee experience. "

Flexso for People believes in the specific topic of employee ....     

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Interview  13/12/2019

Development of qualitative human relationships. "

BDO Adivsory's services are aimed at all....     

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Interview  12/12/2019

ICN Business School : specialist in Executive Education. "

ICN Business School offers Executive ....     

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Interview  10/12/2019

La prévention des risques psychosociaux au sein de votre organisation​. "


Only available in French.    

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Interview  09/12/2019

Les nouveautés de la législation en matière de droit du travail, modifient en profondeur les organisations. "

Brucher, Thieltgen & Partners.

Only available in French.    

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Interview  09/12/2019

Henner, the privileged partner of HR departments. "

Henner, Gold sponsor of this 2d edition: Insurances represent key elements for a company’s ...    

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Interview  09/12/2019

Le conflit peut aussi apaiser. "

Key Job.

Only available in French.    

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Interview  06/12/2019

The new performance culture rubs off on people and causes demotivation and burnout. "

Progress Consulting gives an inside vision on ...    

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Interview  02/12/2019

HrO – real HR business process outsourcing. "

VISTIM, new expert at the fair, tells us more about ...    

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Interview  29/11/2019

Making the offboarding of the future retirees a success. "

H & P reports about the various existing possibilites as regards ...    

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Interview  29/11/2019

The digital economy is transforming the future of work. "

SOA People. The new digital economy brings its benefits. We ...    

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Interview  28/11/2019

"Bodet, your partner in time & attendance and access control."

Bodet involves your co-workers in ...  

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Interview  21/11/2019

"With SST monitoring, we give HR a tool that will make it easier to comply with occupational safety and health requirements."

eSST is confronted every day with non-compliant OHS files and has ...  

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Interview  19/11/2019

" By deciding to measure engagement, you automatically elevate this topic to a level of strategic importance. "

Change management expert, the engagement of MindForest and its strategy are ...    

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Interview  15/11/2019

" A range of professional HR services that focuses on human values. "

Experia joins this coming Fair as an exhibitor and conference speaker. We get to ...    

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Interview  14/11/2019

" Cultiver un sentiment d’appartenance à l’entreprise. "

Kinepolis Business.

Only available in French.  

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Interview  11/11/2019

Timesharing HRD, a great opportunity for companies. "

RH Lab. focuses on ...    

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Interview  11/11/2019

" The “Payroll management” activity of BDO in Luxembourg - A proven expertise. "

BDO, Chartered accountants and new expert at the Fair, tells us about    

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Interview  04/11/2019

" We take care of You because we care for You. "

Cerno invites you to becoming more familiar with international mobility and the types ...     

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Interview  22/10/2019

" HR Partner: solutions for management and development of Talents​. "

HR Partner is coming back to address its 3 strands which make companies...    

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Interview  21/10/2019

" We help companies develop their employee' skills. "

1to1 Progress, offers to get you in a concrete situation during      

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Interview  10/10/2019

" Longtemps marginalisée, la conciergerie d’entreprise a su s’imposer comme un avantage en nature. "

Privilèges d'Entreprises.

Only available in French.   



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Interview  04/10/2019

Droit du travail : le concours de l’enquêteur privé dans l’administration de la preuve. "

Bureau de recherches privées.

Only available in French.     

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Interview  30/09/2019

" A company where employees are treated well is a reliable and efficient company. "

Great Place to Work® explains to HR professionals its concept and the   

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Interview  27/09/2019

" The employer must be familiar with the legal framework related to illness"

Luther will, this year, tackle a topic related to employee's illness and ...  

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Interview  27/09/2019

" Les employés bénéficient d’un pouvoir d’achat supplémentaire net (non imposable)."

Edenred Luxembourg.

Only available in French.   

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Interview  16/09/2019

"Notre marque de fabrique repose sur l’utilisation de la psycho-morphologie."

Testa-RH Consulting.

Only available in French.  

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Interview  13/09/2019

" An organisation that recruits saves time in the hiring process."

Mrs Julie Ransquin tells us about the ADEM ...     

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Interview  09/09/2019

"It is well known that about 20% of expatriations fail..."

World of Expat Coaching comes back for this second edition. We have asked her founder, the added value of  

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Interview  02/09/2019

"Finding ‘its place’, whether in the personal or professional field, is often an obstacle to a healthy development​."

The Nxt Stp is a new expert at this 2nd edition. We've had the pleasure to discuss with Mrs Florbela Silveira, Manager, who   


More experts might join the list!

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