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Conferences programmeConferences programme



Detailed conferences programme of 14 January 2021:


09:00 to 09:45, by SD Worx - HRM, labour law and taxation : What's new for 2021?

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Location: Virtual Conference 1

Language of the conference:  France



Theme of the conference: HR Consulting

Summary of the conference:


At the end of this year 2020, the Chamber of Deputies has adopted several projects that will have a significant impact on human resources management from both a fiscal and social point of view.   

In less than an hour, we propose to give you a concrete and practical understanding of the recent legislative changes that will have a major impact on the payroll and HR administration within companies. 

First, we will discuss the measures directly impacting the salary package: increase of the SSM, new standards related to leases among others. We will then take stock of the various questions and perspectives that could arise in 2021 in terms of HR management. 

Conference speaker :

Paint joel de marneffe

DE MARNEFFE Joël - Head of Tax and Legal

Joël de Marneffe is graduated in Law from the UCLouvain (Belgium). He joined SD Worx in 2010 as Legal Expert, pursuing a career of more than 20 years in Luxembourg, always oriented towards legal services for companies. He was previously coordinator of the Eures program in the European Development Pole area for CEPS-Instead.  


09:00 to 09:45, by PricewaterhouseCoopers - 2021 Hot Topics for Employers and Employees - employee tax, social security and immigration issues

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Location: Virtual Conference 2

Language of the conference:  United kingdom 1



Theme of the conference: Mobility & Expatriation

Summary of the conference:


Discussion of the key considerations for employers and employees as a result of Brexit from a tax, social security and immigration perspective.

Update on these same topics in connection with the consequences of COVID for employers and employees - what to know and what to watch out for.

What's new for employers / employees in connection with taxes and other opportunities in 2021 - Prime Participative, New Inpatriate Tax Regime and other topics .

Update on the main employer obligations when seconding an employee into Luxembourg.

Conference speakers :

Nelly mazzarol 1

MAZZAROL Nelly - Managing Director

Nelly Mazzarol is a Managing Director in PwC to serve local and international clients in Payroll and Immigration. She holds a Master degree in Management and a Specialised Post Graduation Degree in HR strategy at Paris Dauphine with 25 years of experience in payroll, labour law, tax and social security and immigration. 

Denise chambers 002






CHAMBERS Denise - Director

Denise Chambers is a Director in PwC Servicing clients in connection with tax and social security implications for local and globally mobile employees. She is a Chartered Tax Advisor and Tax Technician, she holds a joint degree in Law and French with a LLB in Law from the University of Cork, Ireland. She has been working in PwC since 2007 and with PwC Luxembourg since 2010. 


10:00 to 10:45, by Brucher Thieltgen & Partners - Employer's new challenges facing COVID-19

Logo brucher 2019

Location: Virtual Conference 1

Language of the conference:  France



Theme of the conference: Labour law

Summary of the conference:


Our conference is addressed to business leaders as well as human resources managers who, faced with the health crisis linked to Covid-19, have to face new organizational and legal issues on a daily basis. In particular, we will tackle the issue of telework, health and safety at work as well as redundancy and short-time working. 

Conference speakers :

Photo marie bena

BENA Marie - Partner

Marie Bena is the Partner in charge of the Employment Law of Brucher Thieltgen & Partners. 
She is a regular speaker at conferences dedicated to HR managers of international and local companies.

Photo anne marie ka

KA Anne-Marie - Counsel

Anne-Marie Ka is a Counsel with Brucher, Thieltgen & Partners, specialising in the legal advice on Labour Law.
She also lectures on various law topics at the Luxembourg Chamber of Employees.


10:00 to 10:45, by Fiduciaire Cabexco - Optimisation fiscale pour les salariés - Information only in French

Fiduciaire cabexco

Lieu : Conférence virtuelle 2

Langue de la conférence :  France 



Thème de la conférence : Fiscalité

Résumé de la conférence :


A travers cette présentation, nous reviendrons sur le rôle du service Ressources Humaines, notamment en ce qui concerne les conseils fiscaux aux salariés. Explication de la réforme fiscale, optimisation fiscale, la gestion des avantages accordés aux salariés est un enjeu d'une gestion proactive de la paie.



Conférencière :

Christine photo

ANORMY Christine - Expert comptable - Manager service salaire

Christine Anormy est responsable de l'équipe salaire et déclaration privée, et accompagne les clients pour tous conseils fiscaux et sociaux.


11:00 to 11:45, by Luther - Teleworking: Assessing its implementation, impacts, and potential risks

Logo luther pour site 1


Location: Virtual conference 1

Language of the conference:  France 



Theme of the conference: Labour law

Summary of the conference:


During the unfolding of the Covid-19 pandemic, teleworking has been widely used by Luxembourgish companies. Over the past months, it has been a debated topic and has undergone various developments.
Throughout this conference, the speakers will present the rules related to implementing teleworking as well as the relevant legal obligations that must be met by employers and employees, respectively, while it is performed.
They will also treat teleworking constraints by illustrating social security consequences and the occurrence of work related accidents.
Last but not least, the speakers will highlight the psycho-social risks employees may face as well as the difficulties employers may have in striking a balance between excessive employee supervision and lack of control.



Conference speakers :

Photo marie sinniger pour site

SINNINGER Marie - Lawyer & Partner

Marie Sinniger is a lawyer and partner in the Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions Department and head of the Labour Law Department of Luther in Luxembourg.

She focuses on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and litigation and non-contentious aspects of labour law, such as drafting and terminating employment contracts, the treatment of social issues in the context of corporate restructuring operations, cross-border employment issues and the negotiation of collective agreements.

Photo wach anne laure pour site

WACH Anne-Laure - Lawyer

Anne-Laure Wach is a lawyer at Luther in Luxembourg.

She focuses on labour law and conflict resolution. She has extensive experience in contentious and non-contentious labour law and deals with a wide range of social issues, including drafting and terminating employment contracts, representing employees/employers before the courts as well as negotiating collective agreements.

11:00 to 11:45, by PricewaterhouseCoopers - Mental resilience, a call for action!

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Location: Virtual conference 2

Language of the conference:  United kingdom 1 



Theme of the conference: Health and Security at Work

Summary of the conference:


Our ways of working are deeply challenged by factors such as digitization or aspiration for more work-life balance. More than a “thick the box “exercise, we consider health as an essential lever for performance and a powerful hub for the attractiveness, retention and empowerment of your employees.

Through this conference, we will discuss the psycho-social impacts linked to the system put in place by the organization, our way of working, and our way of guiding. More than ever, the employer's obligation to guarantee the health of his employees is evolving and includes both the physical, psychological and mental dimensions.
Come discover your best opportunities with us.


Conference speakers :

Vinciane istace 1

ISTACE Vinciane - Partner

Vinciane Istace  is leading the People and Organisation team proposing payroll and immigration services and also assisting clients from strategy to implementation of HR innovative solutions. Passionate about D&I.


Alice kapron

KAPRON Alice - Senior Associate

Alice Kapron works at PricewaterhouseCoopers Luxembourg as a Senior Associate for People and Organisation advisory team. She covers various subjects including talent acquisition and talent development. 

12:00 to 12:45, by SFAPEC - Coaching, an ethical asset for Human Resources


Sfapec carre blanc 400 x 200


Location: Virtual conference 1

Language of the conference:  France 



Theme of the conference: Coaching

Summary of the conference:


Dynamic theme in the human and social sciences, coaching is a contemporary profession that is reinventing itself as scientific progress goes by, to accommodate changes impacting our companies, women & men and work environments.

Coach and coaching are part of the societal progress introducing and promoting quality of life at work, human dimension of management, skills development ...

These are all the levers that can be addressed while ensuring a responsible and ethical transformation approach.

Conference speaker :

Photo valerie ogier small









OGIER Valérie - Presidente

Coach for more than 20 years, MCC accredited by ICF, supervisor of coach certified by ESQA, Award 2017 by ICF International to reward "my contribution to the coaching profession". 


12:00 to 12:45, by Pétillances - Télétravail et risques psychosociaux : danger ou panacée pour l’entreprise moderne ? - Information only in French


Logo petillances 400 x 400


Location: Virtual conference 2

Language of the conference:  France 



Theme of the conference: Health and Security at Work

Summary of the conference:


A la fois forcée par la situation sanitaire récente et objet de réflexion depuis des années au Luxembourg, la démocratisation du télétravail est-elle une bonne idée ? Quels en sont les impacts en termes de santé physique et mentale ? Comment rendre cette nouvelle organisation plus efficiente ?

Conference speaker :

Photo chloe baumann

BAUMANN Chloé - Deputy Executive Director, Psychologue du Travail

Chloé Baumann est Deputy Executive Director et Psychologue du Travail chez Pétillances. Après avoir effectué son cursus à l’Université de Strasbourg, elle réalise un mémoire sur l’optimisation de l’évaluation des risques psychosociaux, puis elle publie un article dans une revue scientifique à propos de la méthodologie de mesure des risques psychosociaux en entreprise. Elle travaille aujourd’hui sur les différents niveaux de prévention de ces risques dans les entreprises implantées au Luxembourg et alentours.


13:00 to 13:45, by EiviLux - Be a manager ... is a real job !



Location: Virtual conference 1

Language of the conference:  France 



Theme of the conference: Management

Summary of the conference:


Management will play a key role in the organizations of tomorrow, and its role is becoming even more essential.  We all have the feeling that Management is currently at a crossroads, subject to a general rule of strategy and will have an impact on the way the companies operate. 

Thus, Manager ... is it a real job or just an additional task ?

This is one of the questions that come up regularly for any HR specialist, executive Team, Manager ... and we will try to adress it during this conference.To achieve that, we will tackle basics, the difficulty to be a Manager, the impact of managerial skills and training. 


CAMPI-BLAIN Céline, HR Specialist & Owner of EiviLux

Céline Campi-Blain is the CEO & Owner of EiviLux, with 20 years of experience in Human Resources, 11 of which in management position. She has acquired her experience in various sectors: finance, IT, safety, industry, public sector ... with 13 years of experience as HR operational and 7 years in HR Consulting. 

She is also a certified coach since 2011.


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