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HORSE - CONCEPT®, a behavioral training via an original method of Horse-Coaching registered and based on the scientist Equine ethology and modern neuroscience.


Your company as a HR Director, in charge of training, CEO, do you live a change of organization, a merger and Acquisition, a clash of cultures, the hirings, appointments of managers, internal tensions?... or do you have any just want to move forward in the concept of well-being in the workplace, from the comfort of employees and of the spirit of cohesion through a strong management competent in emotional Intelligence EQ. In all these situations and others, Horse-Concept can provide a sustainable and positive development of managerial behavior and group cohesion improved via:

  • A training behavioral (1 to 3 days for 2 to 24 people). 
  • A Team Building for cohesion and behavioral Discovery (1 day in a group of 8 to 50 people). 
  • Follow-up meetings of impact (3 months and 12 months after the session)
  • Support of company and appropriate recruitment consultant.


Recognized in Europe and beyond, the Horse - Concept TM method is now advocated by many companies. The sessions aim to achieve a strong impact in the enterprise by an awareness of natural behaviors.


The main objectives are:

  • Leadership, natural authority,
  • assertiveness (assertiveness),
  • ability of negotiation

"convince without forcing"

"as soft as possible, as firm as necessary".


  • Cohesion, Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence

"Understand each other to better accept the differences"

"say things, all things, without hurting".


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