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Privilèges d'entreprises

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Concierge services

Topic presented:

Fringe benefits

Products and services:

Privilèges d'Entreprises is a leader in corporate conciergerie services in the Grand Duché since 2009. Your conciergerie facilitate the daily lives of employees by offering a range useful services and product accessible to everyone within the company.

The Concierge is physically present in the company, and deals with external suppliers. The conciergerie service offers a variaty of products and services with preferential pric, previously negociated with providers like carwash, valet services, dry cleaning, fruit and pastry delivery service, ticketting (cinema, zoo, wellness), gift ideas, wine, parfum and many others to discover.

Conciergerie services are a time saving but also a vector of well being for employees but also an asset for the development of a company.

For employees, there is a real saving of time, an improvment in productivity, concentration and creativity as well as recognition of the service offered but the employer.

Dor companies, the implementation of a conciergerie services allows for better performance, an optimized work environment and attractive asset for futur employees.

Conciergerie services are proving to be avery effective HR lever in the company policy.
The offer is flexible according to the company needs but also universal because it is accessible to all.


9 A rue de Bergem

L-429 Esch Sur Alzette