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SFAPEC - Syndicat Français des Acteurs Professionnels du Coaching


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The SFAPEC defends and stands up for coaching being recognized as an occupation in its own right and as a discipline in the human and social sciences as well as all professionals holding a RNCP diploma (certifying body).  

The missions of SFAPEC consists in representing, defending and promoting coaching to the advantage of all its members, external coaches, professional coaches, schools & coach federations. 

With a strong sense of belonging towards ethic principles of the “Ethics Committee for Coaching”, SFAPEC has put accountability, autonomy and innovation at the heart of the vision of Coaching

The SFAPEC welcomes all the professionals who have uncompromising decided to highlight quality through well-known training courses and a highly qualified expertise approved by a certifying body (RNCP)



27 quai de l'Oise

F-75019 Paris


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+33 1 86 95 79 85