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Interview  09 November 2020

" Covid-19 & new organisational and legal issues."

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Anne-Marie Ka


Brucher, Thieltgen & Partners - expert in labour law.


Could you tell us a bit more about the activities of your company??


Our firm advised our clients on several issues including drafting of employment agreement, dismissal of employees, data protection and privacy at work, as well as compliance with workers’ rights. We assist in relation to local workers, cross-border workers and posted workers.


How does your company stand out from the competition?


Our law firm has extensive experience in both pre-contentious and contentious situations in the employment sphere. We always advise our clients in their choice of legal or extra-legal possibilities presenting the greatest chance of success and, when litigation cannot be avoided, we represent and defend our clients before the employment courts.


Who is your conference for? What content will be discussed??


Our conference is aimed at company directors and human resources managers who, faced with the health crisis linked to Covid-19, have to deal with new organisational and legal issues on a daily basis. In particular, we will address the issue of teleworking, health and safety at work, as well as redundancy and partial unemployment.