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Interview  08/01/2021

" The demand for ICT professionals has grown a lot the past years."  

The matching between companies and candidates will become more and more digital and ... 


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Interview  05/01/2021 - ONLY IN FRENCH

" Les risques psychosociaux (RPS) font partie de la vie de toute entreprise  

Découvrez comment Pétillances peut vous accompagner sur cette thématique...     

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Interview  14/01/2021

Take the time to choose the right coach "

The ambition of our Federation is ...  


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Interview  04/01/2021

We offer a cross-functional HR experience "

We observe that the resilience of individuals is now at the heart of ...  


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Interview  17/12/2020

" SD Worx, HR services provider, has been able to guide and secure its customers further to the COVID-19 crisis" 

SD Worx's portfolio of services covers three closely linked areas of expertise ....     



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Interview  08/12/2020

" English World, your partner for language trainings, shares its expertise

As a founding member of FCF, English World offers ....     



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Interview  30/11/2020

" We work on a daily basis with the HR departments of SMEs, but also with international groups

Expert in Labour Law, Luther advises employers facing Covid-19 : Telewoking and Other Recent Trends ....     

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Interview  26/11/2020

" We wish to support the HR Lux Trade Fair's approach to ensure that this fair will continue.. "

Edenred Luxembourg, sponsor for the 3rd year, gives us further information....     

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Interview  10/11/2020

" The DIGI-Solutions project combines the support of people and the setting in motion. 

Go-Score was born out of a sentence: "You hear me, but ...      


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Interview  09/11/2020

" Our law firm has extensive experience in both pre-contentious and contentious situations in the employment sphere 

Brucher Thieltgen & Partners ' conference is aimed at company directors and human resources who, faced with the health crisis linked to Covide-19 ...     


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Interview  29/10/2020

" Cette période de confinement a nécessité une grande adaptation dans des conditions difficiles"  - Interview only in French

En tant qu'acteur majeur sur le marché de l'emploi au Luxembourg, l'ADEM ...   


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Interview  05/10/2020

" Language &intercultural and business training "

Berlitz takes up challenges linked to training ....     

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Interview  17/12/2019

Tailored HR Solutions. "

EiviLux respects the ethics of your company  in a ....     



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