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List of experts by topic

Coaching : Individually, in teams, in groups

  • EiviLux

    Professional coaching of directors, managers and teams with a certified coach.
  • Thierry Delperdange

    Coaching et communication interpersonnelle

HR consulting : Outsourcing, HR projects, HR solutions, tailor-made services

  • EiviLux

    "Tailor-made" expert assessments
  • HR Partner

    Our commitment: solutions that meet your needs in terms of Human Resources management, coaching and mediation.
  • RH Lab.

    A personalized HR range of solutions responding to an “à la carte” service offer

Outplacement : Individual coaching, skills assessment

  • EiviLux

    Practical support during career transition

Training : Professional and continuous training

  • EiviLux

    Spezialised in HR & Middle Management courses

    L’INFPC gère le portail, le site luxembourgeois de référence en matière de formation tout au long de la vie.